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JEBRAB "Garden School Roberto Antonio Baide"  

It arose through a promise made by Gioconda Carolina Baide Rivas to his father Roberto Antonio Baide, 
hence the name ofJEBRAB Garden School Roberto Antonio Baide that with God is. 
Being a person with Christian principles and values ​​and kindly to help the needy and those of limited resources.
  Based on this, it was decided to create or found the Roberto Antonio Baide Bilingual School Garden
 at a low cost from tuition and monthly payments to help the children of the community 
of scarce resources in the sector of Cofradía, Cortés.
 Always provided a quality education with Christian values ​​and principles.  
Beginning to process the documents and permits
 of operations on 7/7/2014 being these approved to then start classes on 9/2/2015
 with 37 students with the grades of kindergarten, high school, first to third grade 
 We currently have until the 4th grade providing quality education and first class care.
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